Interested in Trying CBD Oil?

Find all your favorite products at our shop in Shreveport, LA

CBD has many benefits, from anti-inflammation to reducing anxiety levels. CBD American Shaman-Shreveport carries a full range of CBD products, including CBD oil, at our shop in Shreveport, Louisiana.
In addition to CBD oil, our shop has a huge selection of other CBD products. Some of the CBD products we carry include:

  • Body lotion
  • Topical serums
  • Face creams
  • Capsules
  • Candy
  • Edibles

You can sample all our CBD products before you purchase them to decide which ones are right for you. Stop by CBD American Shaman-Shreveport today to try them out.

We carry CBD products for your pets too

We carry CBD products for your pets too

CBD provides benefits for humans and animals alike. You can purchase CBD pet products at CBD American Shaman-Shreveport. Our shop carries canine and feline tincture to promote your pet's long-term health. This CBD oil treats pain for animals, including arthritis and joint pain.

Test out our CBD pet products today by visiting our shop in Shreveport, LA.